Upcoming Tournaments

Summer Tournament 2019

fDates for the next years set of Tournament Hosted by Black & Gold will be as follows:

Spring Tournament - 26th May 2019 

Summer Tournament - 28th July 2019

Application forms will be advertised later in the year along.

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Upon entering Tournament promoted by Black & Gold Archers the following information may be collected and shared with the tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors for example

  • Target lists and results may be published online, 
  • First Name, Surname, 
  • Age category 
  • Gender, 
  • Bow style, 
  • County or Region 

2019 Application Downloads

2019 Application Forms will be made available later in the year.

Tournament Reports

Spring 2018

Sunday 20 May was another glorious day with barely a breeze or cloud in the sky, not to mention many red archers by the end of it.

  • 111 Archers were present, 44 shooting York rounds, 24 Hereford, 16 Bristols and 17 Nationals.
  • A record breaking 36 clubs were represented!

Summer 2017

Sunday 30 July 2017 was a mixed day with varying winds, heavy showers and sunny spells.

  • 117 archers registered with 96 taking part and completing 40 York, 22 Hereford, 18 Bristol and 16 National Rounds for the Summer Tournament.
  • 15 different clubs took home gold awards with special mention to Miss Molly Peters who won the best gold end.
  • The Team Trophy was won by Ella Shield, Matthew Cannell and Jessica Dale of Cleve Archers with a total score of 3120

Spring 2017

Sunday 21 May 2017 dawned with glorious sunshine and blue skies. 

  • 105 sportsmen, women and juniors completed 40 York, 20 Hereford, 20 Bristol and 25 National Rounds for the Spring Tournament. 
  • 20 different clubs took home gold awards, with special mention to the winners of the '6 gold end': Mr Paul Honour (snr) from Great Rissington and Miss Katie Tonkinson (jnr) from Audco AC. 
  • 12 Rose awards were also achieved including a 1200 Rose by 1st Gent Comp in the York Round, Mr Stuart Barbar from Stortford AC.

Summer 2016

Sunday 7 August 2016 started with heavy rain. By the time the shooting started the rain had eased, but the day continued to be windy and cloudy.  

  • 76 archers completed 28 York, 22 Hereford, 5 Bristol and 21 National Rounds for the Summer Tournament. 
  • 12 different clubs took home gold awards, with special mention to Mr David Mortimer of Cleve Archers who won the best gold end. 
  • The Team Trophy was won by Chloe A’Bear, Molly Peters and Christine Anderton of Deer Park Archers with a total score of 3081.

Tournament Results

Please find below the results from our previous tournaments. For images from the tournaments, check out our Gallery Section

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