Archery Guides

Scoring & Tournaments


A guide produced by Archery GB to introduce new archers to scoring and competing in their first tournament.

Setting up an Archery Range


This publication is guidance only and should not be considered as the Rules of Shooting. The following guidelines are based upon Archery GB and World Archery recommended standard  

Rules of Shooting


Rules of Shooting are approved by Archery GB to give guidance to archers so they may practice their sport and engage in safe, fair competition with a spirit of friendly rivalry

Shooting Administration Procedures


Shooting Administrative Procedures have been approved by Archery GB and provide guidance to organisers and to archers about matters closely allied to the practice of archery within Archery GB 

Target Crazy Resources


Useful site which contains resources from initial beginners guides to more advance guidance

Useful Mobile Apps


Below you will find a list of mobile apps which various members

To download any of these apps, please go to the apple store or google play store where they can be obtain either free or purchased for a minimal amount.

Apple iOS

  • ArcherZupshot - Free


  • Archery Score Pad - £2.99
  • My Target Archery - Free


  • Archery Score Pad:
    Free online archery score-keeping and performance-tracking scoring software
  • Archers Mate
    Interactive archery website for Archers with updated Junior classifications and including new FITA 60m, FITA 50m, FITA Standard rounds.