6th July 2018

CSSC South West Archery Tournament

Details regarding the above event have now been added to our Tournament Page for your information. 

Application form is available for booking and contact details have also been provided.

3rd July 2018

Summer Notice

Just a quick note to advise that the next beginners course will be scheduled around October 2018.

Dates will be advertised on the website

During the mid to late summer period we have a break in our sessions which allows our members and coaches time to train towards tournaments while also allowing them to focus directly on their own development. Unfortunately this also means a reduction in our coaches availability as well as restrictions on our beginners course held by the club during this period.

Apologies for any inconvenience which may be caused.


Media Officer,

Black & Gold Archers

3rd June 2018

Members of Black & Gold Archers celebrating with their results from the Bowmen of Minchinhampton Tournament

12th April 2018

Love Labour's Lost 

Black & Gold Archers today were helping out the cast from UOG Drama & Performing Arts forthcoming production of William Shakespeare Loves Labour's Lost.

We hope everyone enjoyed their lessons and it was a pleasure to assist with your production

If you wish to find out more about UOG forthcoming production at Hailes Abbey, please go to their facebook page to obtain further details 

31st March 2018

Beginners Course 2018

The second beginners course of 2018 will run from Monday 30th April and continue for a further 5 weeks (total of 6 weeks).  

If you are considering applying please visit out Beginners Course page for more details


6th January 2018

Spring & Summer Tournaments

Entry Forms for the Spring and Summer Tournaments are now available to download.

Forms can be located at the bottom of our Tournaments Page 

Closing Dates for applications forms:

  • Spring Tournament Closing Date for applications is Saturday 12th May 2018  (Late Entries subject to availability)
  • Summer Tournament Closing Date for applications is Saturday 21st July 2018 (Late Entries subject to availability)